Career Connections - Introductory Webinar

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Career Connections

Introductory Webinar

This one-hour webinar focuses on areas of overlap and divergence between applied animal behavior and other areas of behavior analysis, careers for behavior analysts who want to work with animals, and steps for animal professionals who want to pursue evidence-based practice in animal behavior. Includes Q&A.

Schedule: Wednesday, July 10 2024, 4:00-5:00PM Pacific Time
Cost: $30
Eligible for 1 BACB CEU

Contact Dr. Alligood to register.

What People Say

I will be bringing the principles into my daily work and animal training as an animal keeper and bringing behavior science information to other animal keepers.

The webinar felt like a really good length, good number of people and very personable. It was great getting to ask the presenter questions as well!

The webinar was informative and insightful, and gave some insights about furthering education.

The webinar was a great introduction to career paths available.

Comprehensive and well articulated overview! A perfect introduction.

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