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2/13/2024:10 Things your parrot wants you to know - Arabic Translation.pdf
12/13/2023:2024 Schedule for Animal Behavior Research Readers
 January 2024 Session for Career Connections Introductory Webinar
11/1/2023:Career Connections
9/25/2023:Updated Student Testimonials
 3-Path Functional Assessment Model
7/27/2023:Poster - Cultural Fog
7/18/2023:Dr. Friedman Interviewed on Zoo Logic Podcast
5/9/2023:Straight Talk About Behavior - Arabic Translation.pdf
4/21/2023:Functional Assessment and Intervention Design Flow Chart - Japanese Translation.pdf
4/10/2023:Teaching New Behavior - Japanese Translation.pdf
3/2/2023:Registration is open for How Retrieving Works - Spring 2023
  • Teaching New Behavior Flow Chart (PDF)
  •  Functional Assessment and Intervention Design Flow Chart (PDF)
     Hierarchy of Behavior-Change Procedures
    1/31/2023:Animal Behavior Research Readers
    1/30/2023:Terminology Tumult - Arabic Translation.pdf
    1/9/2023:Podcast Interview with Pet Harmony: Become a Better Animal Trainer
    12/22/2022:Printable template for BW Origami Trucks added to the Downloadable Art page
    12/9/2022:Conversation with Animal Behavior Kent
    4/28/2022:Modern Animal Care (PDF)
    4/6/2022:New comments for What People Say
    4/4/2022:Upcoming Events updated
    3/28/2022:The Power of Trust - Arabic Translation.pdf
    2/23/2022:Shaping Diagram with Notation - Chinese
     Shaping Hand-Drawn Diagram - Chinese
    2/15/2022:DRAFT Exotic Animal Behavior Support from Applied Behavior Analysis.pdf
     Behavior Toolkit - Chinese (PDF)
     Shaping Diagram - Chinese Translation
     Behavior - Feedback - Revision - Chinese Translation
     Hierarchy Road Map - Chinese Translation
     Reinforcer Strength Summary - Chinese Translation
     The Consequence Engine - Chinese Translation
     Trust Account - Chinese Translation
     Unlabel Me - Chinese Translation
    2/9/2022:Shaping New Behaviors - Arabic Translation.pdf
    1/31/2022:The Art of Science - Arabic Translation.pdf
    1/24/2022:Registration is open for How Research Works - Spring 2022
    1/19/2022:ABCs of Behavior - Arabic Translation.pdf
     LLA July 2022 Dates Posted
    8/16/2021:Discussing Behavior and Learning on the "Barking From the Wooftops Podcast"
    7/29/2021:BW Consulting Team
    6/23/2021:Upcoming Event - Living and Learning With Animals Seminar - Chasin Tails - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
     6/1/2021:The Power of Trust - Japanese Translation
    5/13/2021:Hierarchy Road Map - Finnish
     Trust Account - French (Translated by V. DeBruyne)
     Shaping Diagram - French (Translated by V. DeBruyne)
     What's Wrong With This Picture? Effectiveness is Not Enough - Korean Translation (Translated by Alex Lee, KPA Korea)
     Why Animals Need Trainers Who Adhere to the LIP-Korean Translation (Translated by Alex Lee, KPA Korea)f
     New comments for What People Say
    1/30/2021:New Professional Course: How Research Works
     Dates, Times, and CEUs
     Registration and Fees
     Instructor Bio
    1/28/2021:The Consequence Engine - Korean
     Behavior Toolkit - Korean (PDF)
     Hierarchy Road Map - Korean
     Reinforcer Strength Summary - Korean
     Behavior Target - Korean (PDF)
    10/9/2020:The ABC’s of Behavior - Korean Translation.pdf
     How Parrots Learn to Behave - Korean Translation.pdf
    9/21/2020:Trust Account - German
    8/26/2020:Webinar: Control: The Other Primary Reinforcer, with - Sept 5 2020
     Errorless Learning - Spanish Translation.pdf
    8/13/2020:Early Socialization - Korean Translation.pdf
    8/7/2020:Why Animals Need Trainers Who Adhere to the LIP-Spanish Translation.pdf
     Hierarchy Road Map - Dutch
    7/29/2020:Added LLA Winter 2021 Class Dates
    6/30/2020:Hierarchy Road Map - Polish
    6/12/2020:Why Animals Need Trainers Who Adhere to the LIP-German Translation.pdf
     Hierarchy Road Map - Hungarian
    5/26/2020:Why Animals Need Trainers Who Adhere to a Procedural Hierarchy (PDF)
    5/7/2020:Hierarchy Road Map - French
    4/29/2020:New comments for What People Say
    4/28/2020:The Art of Science Training Animals - German Translation.pdf
    2/11/2020:New comments for What People Say
    1/31/2020Hierarchy Road Map - Hebrew
    1/15/2020Upcoming Events updated
    11/22/2019Upcoming Events updated for 2020
     Spoken Works
    10/29/2019Hierarchy Road Map - Updated English
     Hierarchy Road Map - Swedish
    4/30/2019:More Offshoots
    3/18/2019:Updated Offshoots
     Updated Vita
     New Behavior Merch Available
    10/10/2018:LLA 2019 Class Dates Posted
    6/21/2018:What's Wrong With this Picture:Effectiveness is Not Enough-General (PDF)
     What's Wrong With this Picture:Effectiveness is Not Enough-Parrot (PDF)
    5/21/2018:Trust Account - Japanese
    5/18/2018:Smart Phone Wallpaper
    4/20/2018:Errorless Learning - German Translation.pdf
    3/8/2018:Functional Assessment - Dutch Translation.pdf
    1/23/2018:What's Wrong With This Picture? Effectiveness Is Not Enough - German Translation2.pdf
     Hierarchy Road Map - German
    12/11/2017:Behavior - Feedback - Revision in French
    11/14/2017:Functional Assessment - Italian Translation.pdf
    11/8/2017:Pavlov's Parrots - Japanese Translation.pdf
    11/2/2017:What's Wrong With This Picture - Italian Translation.pdf
    10/27/2017:What's Wrong With This Picture? - Japanese Translation.pdf
     LLA 2018 Dates
     More LLA Student Comments
    8/18/2017:Errorless Learning - Italian Translation.pdf
    8/11/2017:The Power of Trust - Italian Translation.pdf
    7/25/2017:Shaping - Hand Drawn Diagram - Japanese
    7/17/2017:Hierarchy Road Map - Czech
    6/19/2017:Tsk No Eh-eh Clearing the Path to Reinforcement with an Errorless Learning Mindset - Norwegian Translation.pdf
     Tsk No Eh-eh Clearing the Path to Reinforcement with an Errorless Learning Mindset - Danish Translation.pdf
     Tsk No Eh-eh Clearing the Path to Reinforcement with an Errorless Learning Mindset - Swedish Translation.pdf
    2/9/2017:The Power of Trust - Danish Translation.pdf
     The Power of Trust - Norwegian Translation.pdf
     The Power of Trust - Swedish Translation.pdf
    1/4/2017:New Posters Available for Purchase
     Shaping - Hand Drawn Diagram
     Behavior - Feedback - Revision
    12/19/2016:2017 LLA Schedule
    10/28/2016:Pocketsize Behavior Toolkit - Hebrew Translation
     Functional Assessment Paths - Hebrew (PDF)
     Functional Assessment Paths Sample - Hebrew (PDF)
    9/14/2016:Hierarchy Road Map - Norwegian
    8/24/2016:Errorless Learning - Japanese Translation.pdf
    7/1/2016:Errorless Learning.pdf
     Shaping Art
    5/18/2016:Parrots in Temporary Shelters - Japanese Translation.pdf
     Updated Hierarchy Road Map - English
     Hierarchy Road Map - Swedish
    4/21/2016:Shaping New Behaviors - Dutch Translation.pdf
     Updated Upcoming Events
    4/6/2016:The Facts About Punishment - Dutch Translation.pdf
    2/9/2016:Success Files: Wendy-Functional Assessment of Miss Love Bloom.pdf
     New Seminars and Workshops added to Upcoming Events
    1/25/2016:Updated LLA 2016 Schedule
    1/8/2016:BehaviorWorks Posters are Available for Purchase
    11/13/2015:Mealtimes with the Bredahl Family in KidsWorks
     ABC Logo - Spanish
     Updated Student Comments
    9/17/2015:The Consequence Engine - French
     Reinforcer Strength Summary - French
     Hierarchy Road Map - French
     ABC - French
    8/26/2015:The Consequence Engine - German
    7/30/2015:New Offshoots Article by Lee McGuire - "The Parrot That Screams"
    7/10/2015:Unlabel Me - French
    6/1/2015:New comment for What People Say
    5/5/2015:Pocketsize Behavior Trust Accounts
     He Said She Said Science Says - Spanish Translation Alternative.pdf
    4/13/2015:Hieracrchy Road Map - Japanese
     The Consequence Engine - Japanese
     Reinforcer Strength Summary - Japanese
     Reinforcer Strength Summary - Portuguese
     Hieracrchy Road Map - Portuguese
     ABC - Danish
     Hieracrchy Road Map - Danish
     Reinforcer Strength Summary - Danish
     The Consequence Engine - Danish
     ABCs of Behavior - Danish Translation.pdf
     Pocketsize Behavior Toolkit - Danish Translation
     Unlabel Me - Bulgarian
    4/8/2015:Updated Vita
    3/26/2015:Unlabel Me - Russian
    2/27/2015:Unlabel Me - Danish
    2/17/2015:Behavior Target - Portuguese (PDF)
     Ella Color Toothbrush (Video)
     Parrots in Temporary Shelters - German Translation.pdf
     Reinforcer Strength Summary - German
     Hieracrchy Road Map - German
     Unlabel Me - German
    2/13/2015:FAID Worksheet - Portuguese Translation.pdf
     FA Paths - Portuguese Translation.pdf
     FA Paths SAMPLE - Portuguese Translation.pdf
    2/5/2015:Blazing Clickers - German Translation.pdf
    1/27/2015:New Seminars and Workshops added to Upcoming Events
     Unlabel Me - Spanish
    1/21/2015:Behavior Toolkit - Portuguese (PDF)
    12/29/2014:The Art of Science Training Animals - Spanish Translation.pdf
     WPT Interview Parrot Hero - Spanish Translation.pdf
     Right On Target - Spanish Translation.pdf
     Terminology Tumult - Spanish Translation.pdf
     Straight Talk About Behavior - Spanish Translation.pdf
     The Help at Hand - Spanish Translation.pdf
     Early Socialization - Bulgarian Translation.pdf
    12/19/2014:Parrots in Temporary Shelters - Spanish Translation.pdf
     The Struggle for Dominance - Spanish Translation.pdf
    12/16/2014:What is clickertraining?
     Parrot Principles - Spanish Translation.pdf
     World Parrot Trust Interview - Forums and Experts - Spanish Tranaslation.pdf
    12/10/2014:ABCs of Behavior - Spanish Translation.pdf
     How Parrots Learn Behavior - Spanish Translation.pdf
    12/8/2014:Blazing Clickers - Portuguese Translation.pdf
     Empowering Parrots - Spanish Translation.pdf
    12/2/2014:Spanish Translations
     The Facts About Punishment - Spanish Translation.pdf
     Pavlov's Parrots - Spanish Translation.pdf
     The Power of Trust - Spanish Translation.pdf
    10/24/2014:Unlabel Me - Japanese
    10/16/2014:Hungarian Translations
     Early Socialization - Hungarian Translation.pdf
     He Said She Said Science Says - Hungarian Translation.pdf
     Straight Talk About Parrot Behavior - Hungarian Translation.pdf
     Japanese Translations
     FAID - Japanese Translation.pdf
     FA Paths - Japanese Translation.pdf
     FA Paths SAMPLE - Japanese Translation.pdf
    6/24/2014:Student Blog: Click for Joy!
    6/17/2014:He Said She Said Science Says - Spanish Translation.pdf
    5/29/2014:New Student Blog - Adventures in Toucanland
    3/13/2014:Student's Blogs
    2/5/2014:German Translations of Worksheets
    1/21/2014:ABCs of Behavior - Portuguese Translation.pdf
    12/20/2013:What's Wrong With This Picture? Effectiveness Is Not Enough - Spanish Translation.pdf
    10/21/2013:New comment for What People Say
    9/16/2013:Alternatives to Breaking Parrots - Spanish Translation.pdf
     Blazing Clickers - Spanish Translation.pdf
    9/9/2013:Take Home Lecture Notes inside Offshoots
    9/3/2013:Posted links to new blog reviews inside Offshoots
    8/13/2013:Parrot Principles - German Translation.pdf
    8/5/2013:New comment for What People Say
    7/25/2013:Early Socialization - Spanish Translation.pdf
     New comment for What People Say
    7/5/2013:KidsWorks: Noah Dupuis and Perle (Video)
    6/25/2013:The Power of Trust.pdf
    5/21/2013:Functional Assessment & Intervention Design - French Translation.pdf
    5/2/2013:Functional Assessment: Hypothesizing Predictors and Purposes of Problem Behavior - German Translation.pdf
     What's Wrong With This Picture? Effectiveness Is Not Enough - German Translation.pdf
    4/10/2013:Get your computer lid or car bumper into the behavior groove with ABC and
    Unlabel Me vinyl stickers
    4/2/2013:10 Things Your Parrot Wants You to Know - German Translation.pdf
     Back In The Black - German Translation.pdf
    3/25/2013:World Parrot Trust Interview - Parrot Hero.pdf
    3/4/2013:New comment for What People Say
    2/21/2013:Back In The Black - Spanish Translation.pdf
    1/3/2013:Japanese Translation of Pocketsize Behavior Toolkit
    12/3/2012:New Seminars and Workshops added to Upcoming Events
    11/20/2012:New comments for What People Say
    9/17/2012:Back In The Black - French Translation.pdf
     Back In The Black - French Translation - With Translation Comments.pdf
    7/30/2012:Article: Back in the Black
    5/24/2012:Pocketsize Consequence Engine Video
    4/27/2012:New seminars in Upcoming Events
    2/6/2012:New LLA Seminar in Upcoming Events
    12/23/2011:New Upcoming Events
    10/11/2011:Reinforcement Strength Video and PDF
     New comments for What People Say
    10/3/2011:How Parrots Learn to Behave - Finnish Translation.pdf
    9/30/2011:New comments for What People Say
     New Downloadable Art
    8/16/2011:New NEI Workshops added to Upcoming Events
    8/1/2011:Shaping New Behaviors - Spanish Translation.pdf
     10 Things Your Parrot Wants You to Know - Spanish Translation.pdf
    5/26/2011:Shaping New Behaviors - Danish Translation.pdf
    5/1/2011:Blazing Clickers.pdf
    4/4/2011:Early Socialization - Japanese Translation.pdf
     Update for What People Say
    2/28/2011:New Page: BehaviorWorks Toolkit
    1/12/2011:10 Things Your Parrot Wants You to Know About Behavior - Japanese Translation
    1/03/2011:New Section: Art & Worksheets
  • JEPM Framework for Solving Behavior Problems.pdf
  • 11/22/2010:

    Heads up! The first "BEHAVIOR APPS: Training with Art and Science" workshop is scheduled for January 15-20, 2011, at the Natural Encounters Inc. animal training facility in FL. This workshop is the culmination of a decade long collaborative effort between Steve Martin and I, and his expert team of trainers. At this workshop we will share some new perspectives and tools, e.g., the Behavior Tool Kit. For more info, contact Kevin at LLA and LLP graduates are eligible for a $100 discount, so be sure to mention having completed either of my courses.

    11/11/2010:Added more BehaviorWorks Merch
     Added ABA Rap by ODB to the Main Page
     Added Heather and Jessee Video to Kidworks
     Updated Upcoming Events for 2011
    10/18/2010:PARROT Do Tell - Italian Translation.pdf
    10/12/2010:Shaping New Behaviors - Finnish Translation.pdf
     Struggle for Dominance - Finnish Translation.pdf
    9/30/2010:Pavlov's Parrots - Finnish Translation.pdf
    8/02/2010:New Section - Offshoots
     Parrots in Temporary Shelters - Finnish Translation
     Early Socialization - German Translation
     Pavlov's Parrots - German Translation
    7/27/2010:10 Things Your Parrot Wants You to Know - Finnish Translation
    6/29/2010:Behavior Merch
    6/04/2010:Download the BehaviorWorks iPhone App - works on iPad too!
    5/20/2010:Lea Artz Interviews the Roberts Family
     Dogs Too! inside the Written Works area
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